Monday, May 10, 2010

Bedtime Routine

At bedtime, I always ask creed if he is ready to do verse. Depending on the night, he either yells., "yay!!" and runs to his room or runs the other direction in hopes of delaying bedtime!! In their room, is a picture that has a different verse for every letter of the alphabet and each night we read one out loud and he repeats after us. After verse, we pray and then we sing "The Lord Bless You and Keep You." Some nights he participates more than other. This night I happened to get him reciting and singing most of it! For you added pleasure, he had the hiccups. ;-)


Dana Lewis said...

Oh be still my heart... how very precious!

anewday said...

Love it! SOOO precious, Rachel.

Michele said...

What a sweetie! Love it!