Friday, September 24, 2010

Feeling Like a Traitor

Yesterday I was in the Kroger on Rock Prairie Road. They have been doing some remodeling; I would assume in anticipation of the new HEB opening down the road. They have painted and rearranged. They are showcasing their "healthy living" section and opened a bulk bin section. It looked like maybe they were making an area for a "chef" to cook and do live demos but I can't be certain about that. I got the few items I went in for and headed to the self-checkout. Nice Man that knows me and my kiddos was working. He is always so nice and helpful(except when he tries to give Creed a sticker ;-)) and all of a sudden I felt a twinge of betrayal. I have been looking so forward to the new HEB opening knowing that once it does I"ll only go to Kroger for loss leaders, and I felt like a traitor. How crazy is that??? Sorry Kroger; HEB is my first love in groceries.

P.S. HEB's gas station is already open and it is 10 cents cheaper than the Barron Road station and the one by McDonalds. No betrayal there since we try to fill up in Bryan where it is usually 10 cents cheaper than places we might go to in College Station.

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