Monday, September 27, 2010

A Little Taste of Fall

We woke up to 58 degrees this morning. It was quite the pleasant surprise!! I am not sure we had even had a low in the 60's yet. Jack went running out to play coming back in saying he needed a sweatshirt! Emma donned jeans, long sleeves, a hat, and a poncho, but I had already put my camera away by the time she had herself put together. I was so tickled at them for thinking it was so cold. Emma even asked for a cup of hot tea when she came in after playing.

These boys are all about baseball these days.

We did learn that if he is going to wear this sweatshirt this year, I am going to have to cut a slit in the front. A lot of tears were spent in the removal of this sweatshirt.

Creed is quite expressive while playing ball.

"Watch this mama!!!" he said over and over again.

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