Friday, November 19, 2010

Anne Michal and Her Shadow Make Pizza Bread

Creed loves his sister Anne Michal whom he calls "Daju" though we have yet to figure that one out. She is always sweet to play with him and help take care of him but she made an extra special effort today to include her in most of what she did. She made dinner(pizza bread) tonight with my instructions and Creed was her assistant.

Her look in the picture below is because he had just taken a bite of pepperoni and then put it on the dough. He picked it back up though and ate the rest of it.

This is so fun!!

He did not want to give up the rolling pin. PopPop better be ready for a new assistant chef!


Kaele said...

How nice of AMA! And Creed looks so proud and adorable! Love it.

Caroline said...

He he ... Gideon's favorite kitchen implement is the whisk!