Saturday, November 20, 2010

Newborn Pics

all at least 2 1/2 years old. ;-) My friend Marsha has been after me for a while to post baby pictures of all my kids for comparison as they tend to look a bit alike, but the first 4 were born pre-digital(or pre-digital for us) so I had a bit of difficulty finding and scanning just what I wanted but I think these will do. I did have a bit of trouble telling some of the hospital pics apart which is why there are none. Fortunately, Jack and Emma were the only two born in the same house so once we go them home the background is very telling!!!

First Anne Michal

Then Elizabeth Austen

Emma Claire...

The first boy...Jon Patrick (Jack)

Matthew Knox (Knox)

Simeon Creed (Creed)

And then for fun, pics of Jon and I as babies. Yep, they all look much more like their dad!!!


Caroline said...

This is funny. Even your girls look like Jon. He he! Actually, I was thinking, "they all look like Creed!"

SKF said...

I don't know Rachel. I see a lot of you as a cute little baby that I see in them.
Great idea Marsha. That was fun!

Ann Marie said...

I think this picture looks just like her Grandma, Pat!!!