Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mystery Solved

First Mystery: Janey Kate's green hand

Apparently(and if you know Jack, this word is very fitting), Jack had a green marker...the green marker...and was swinging it around. It flew out of his hand and hit Janey Kate's hand leaving a green mark on her hand. I guess we can all be thankful she only got a green hand out of that one.

Second Mystery: The Smiley faces on the bathroom floor

I started my investigation by putting a piece of paper in front of Creed and handing him a pencil and asking him to draw a smiley face. He puts the pencil down, puts his hands in the corner of his mouth and makes a funny face instead. I ask him again and he insists that is how he does it. I finally got him to put something on paper and he says, "Oh yes! I can do that!" and proceeds to draw squiggly lines.

Next I ask Emma to draw a smiley face. She draws eyes and a mouth. I say, "No, with a circle." So she draws a new one and asks, "Was it me, Mama, was it me?" I look at her rather incredulously and say, "Well, you are really the only one that can answer that!" She says with her eyes really wide , "Oh no...I didn't do it."

Then she adds, "But did I do it?"

"Emma!! You should know if you did it or not!"

"Oh, I mean do you think I did it?"

I think we need to work on communication skills next!!!

I really didn't think she did it anyway. And for the sake of not naming names, I'll just say it wasn't the older girls either. And honestly what cracks me up about the whole thing is that this harmless crime was committed while on the toilet. Yep, absent-minded doodling while pottying.

And I am still laughing over Emma asking me if it was her or not.


Cathy said... sides! Emma is cracking me up! And Creed.....what a DOLL!!

Sean Brandt said...

Was it Jon, then?

Momma Lisa said...

LOL, that is so funny! I was wondering the same as Sean.

Vicki D said...

This makes my day! I belly laughed over this.