Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just Fits

One of the things I have often thought about since Janey Kate was born, is how my kids always seem to "just fit."

Newborns, all curled up, just fit all snug and warm on my chest.
They grow a bit and start to stretch out and yet, they still just fit.
They start to sit up and ride on my hip and they just fit.
They become toddlers and run around but they crawl up on my lap and that little head still just fits right below the chin.
Next thing you know, they are getting busier and busier but they curl up beside you and tuck in that head and they just fit as they listen to a story.
Taller and taller they grow, but they walk up for a hug and their head still just fits right between the shoulder and your neck...

but yesterday, yesterday, my Lizzy stands in front of me and what do I find...she no longer fits...not even tucked under my nose....

I was out walking tonight and had my ipod on shuffle and Home by Nicol Sponberg came on. I have thought about the line "What is it like to sleep on the chest of the King of heaven and earth" quite a bit while holding Janey Kate curled up on my chest and been comforted by the thought of Knox curled up on the Father's chest and knowing there is no better place. Tonight, though, it hit me. We always fit. We always fit right there on the Father's chest where we find grace, hope, truth, comfort, and eternal life. We can't grow too tall. We can't move too far away. We can't become too independent. We always "just fit."