Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reset Button

Last Monday was the first day of school in the Anderson house. In the past, we have schooled through most of the summer. We did this because we needed to make up for time off in the school year, for the daily structure, and simply because it can be too hot here to do anything but school and go to the pool! We decided we really needed a break this year so we took off a good 2 months. It was nice to just be relaxed, a bit lazy, and flexible. The kids had plenty of freedom to play together, be with friends, and be creative!
I found myself dreading starting back to school. It was so nice to be laid back and not have to wear my teacher hat along with all my other regular hats. The kids didn't have to wear their student hats and other than their regular chores could just "be."
I am not one to ever really even say homeschooling is hard. It has its challenges just like anything else does, though some are certainly unique to homeschooling. It can be a bit of a juggle between homeschooling, taking care of the house, cooking, and running kids around along with everything else. Many times kids handle difficulties they encounter in their schooling differently with ol' mom than they would with a regular teacher. Plus home can have a lot of distractions and it can be hard to want to sit and do your school work when you have lots of fun toys around. Hey, it can be hard to want to teach school when you have a lot of fun toys around!
So all that to say, that I really didn't have a good attitude about the new school year. I was thinking a sabbatical from the whole teaching gig might be nice. The big kids could all go to school and Creed and Janey Kate and I would hang out playing, reading books, doing puzzles, and going to the park and story hour. I'd relive those golden days when Anne Michal and Elizabeth were chubby cheeked, golden hair little girls. In my mind at least, those were stress-free days.
I wasn't the only one with a bad attitude, but then we all know mom can really set the tone for the house...good or bad. About the fourth day, we got into a bit of a groove. Those of us that needed to resign ourselves to certain things were starting to do so and everything was getting done! I was sitting on the couch watching Creed and Janey Kate playing and enjoying listening to Creed's chatter as he pretended in his play. It was like a reset button was hit at that moment, and I was reminded at that moment that homeschooling is worth every bit of the hardships for what we gain. The hardships are mere bumps and the rewards are mountains.
I once again gave thanks for the opportunity to spend my days with my kids. To facilitate their education, train them, and foster their relationships with each other. I am so grateful that my big kids are there all day to offer hugs and kisses to the little ones, to take time out to read them a story or build an awesome train track. I am grateful that Anne Michal and Elizabeth can be study buddies and Anne Michal can take her sister under her wing and help her with her challenging new subjects. I am grateful that Jack and Emma can sit at the table together and giggle while while doing their spelling. I pray I can always see the blessings over the difficulties.

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greatishisfaithfulness said...

Love this. It's EXACTLY what I needed to hear today!