Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of Co-op Pictures

We actually started school a couple of weeks ago, but since we didn't take first day of school pictures, I grabbed my camera and took some Tuesday morning for the first day of co-op. Some of you may be wondering what a homeschool co-op is and what we do there. Co-ops vary widely. Some are more enrichment and some are more academic. We are a part of Brazos Classical Academy and are an academic co-op. My kids all take 3-4 classes with a variety of teachers. I teach a 9th and 10th grade logic class and work in the nursery one hour.
Anne Michal takes Logic, Apologia Biology, Henle latin and a speech and worldview class. Elizabeth is in Logic, Apologia General Science, Second Form Latin, and IEW writing. Jack and Emma are in the same class and have Exploring Creation with Astronomy, Memory, IEW Writing, and PE. Creed is in Preschool and Janey Kate is in the nursery. I am very pleased with the instruction my kids receive there, and they love being part of a co-op and have some really neat friends!

My bookends...Anne Michal and Janey Kate. ...9th grade and life 101.
Elizabeth...7th grade.

Emma...4th grade.

Jack...3rd grade


sigh....when did they all get so big...

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