Friday, September 9, 2011

Out and About

This actually happened earlier in the summer, but I was reminded of it tonight; it is too funny not to share. We had been to friends in Mississippi for the weekend, and had driven all day. We got back into town and went to Jason's Deli for supper. I am not sure why but it seems like every time we go there, someone comments on our family(in a positive way!)
So while we are all eating dinner and can I just say we were looking mighty rough after being in the car all day, this man comes up to Jon and says, "Can I just shake your hand?" Jon shakes his hand and the man starts this speech. I can only remember bits and pieces, but he told Jon that he had a great family and he was happy to see us. Now this is the part that I remember...He says, "You know how you see the Grand Canyon and you say, "This is magnificent! Well, this(and he waves his hand over the table) is magnificent!"
It was really sweet, but I really had a hard time not giggling....and here is the funny part. We leave and as we are getting in the van, I ask Jon, "So have you ever thought of us as magnificent as the Grand Canyon?" His answer: Maybe as a giant pit of stuff!!

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