Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Day at Barren River Lake

    Dad and Jack went camping at the Barren River Rod and Gun Club and we joined them the next day for lunch, fishing and canoeing.  We had a lot of fun, and I enjoyed being at the lake again.

 Dad and Creed cooking a hot dog over the fire.

 Elizabeth cooking hers.  Jack was so proud that he helped PopPop put up his tent and to be able to show us the way down the hill and through the woods to the lake.
 Creed was so excited for his first canoe ride but he was a bit nervous too.  He got so tired later in the day that he almost fell asleep riding with Jack and me.
 Anne Michal and Elizabeth in their canoe.  I told them to stay close to shore and the next thing  I know they are halfway across the lake.  The paddled all the way across the lake and back.  When I asked Anne Michal why they didn't stay close to shore she said, "We did!  We could see the shore the whole time."  Obviously, I needed to define what close to shore was.
 Our young friend Trent fishing.  He wanted PopPop to show him how to clean fish so he could do his own.  Both Elizabeth and he cleaned several fish themselves.  I was rather impressed!!
 Paddling Emma and her friend, Taylor around the lake.
 Creed finding ways to entertain himself.
 Jack looking out over the lake.
 One of the fish.
 Anne Michal fishing.
 Creed playing on the rocks.

 Grandma helping Emma.

 Elizabeth being casual.

Creed was so incredibly excited for his first time fishing! :-)
 Beverly kept us connected to the outside world! ;-)
 PopPop teaching Elizabeth to clean the fish.

I am pretty certain this qualifes as rockstar status!

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