Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Proof is in the Pictures

or Grandma might not believe it....I declared the second half of 2012 as food training intensive.  I am not one to force a clean plate or insist that you eat everything, but I was pretty sure that Creed could manage to choke down a veggie or two a few times a week!!!  Jack has made some big strides from his "throw up everything I dont' like" days, but I want him to eat even better!  While he has eaten a few leaves as a side salad before he has never eaten a salad for a meal.  He gobbled this one down and declared it really good.

 Creed didn't eat all his, but even after picking out the bacon and the hard-boiled eggs did eat some lettuce, carrots and broccoli.  He even insisted on no dressing.  In true Creed form, he kept insisting this was not supper but was only lunch.  The rationale being that if it was only lunch then that meant he could hold out for something better to eat later.  I told him he could call it anything he wanted, but it was his last meal of the day.  He cracks me up!

Janey Kate is the rockstar baby who eats everything and thought salad for supper was grand.

Maybe all that olympic training worked up such an appetite that anything was delicious.

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